Nina Hoff

CEO & Co-Founder at byFlow

The first speaker of RISE that we are announcing: Nina Hoff! Nina is a 29-year-old entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the company byFlow and will be part of our discussion panel of the first day as the hustler of the three.


‘’At byFlow we are on a mission to change the way consumers and the Food Industry experience and produce Food, aiming to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. We do this with innovative and patented 3D Food Print technology, enabling our customers to create personalised shapes, textures and flavours. byFlow is globally seen as leading in the development of 3D Food Printing Technology and is a partner for leading Multinationals to find solutions for their specific 3D Food Printing needs and challenges.''


‘’In our company, my brother is the Hacker, my father the Hipster, and I make sure that we earn money and build a solid business, the Hustler.’’


On the question ‘’What does the perfect startup team look like for you?’’ Nina said: ‘’Diverse, with different backgrounds, but with a common goal and mindset. You need to want to make an impact, and while doing so you accept that these things take time, hard work and high risks. In the end teamwork makes the dream work, so always aim for better, faster, newer!’’